100% pure with Imported yam and fresh milk  

Our most prized drink has a creamy and full-bodied taste, courtesy of the fresh milk and sweet taro. It boasts a smooth consistency that’s free from any chalkiness, allowing you to better appreciate its richness.

Taro Fresh Milk


White Milk Tea

The fundamental yet never out-of-time classic milk tea, pioneer of the bubble tea craze. Experience the taste that brought upon an entire wave of beverage craze while enjoying the milky taste and bouncy toppings.


Summer Fruit Tea

The fruity infusion blends in flawlessly with the exquisite taste of the tea leave. Being the crown jewel of our brand, it packs a delicious amount of a variety of flavorful fruits which serve as a powerful enrichment to the soothing tea sensation.


Strawberry Fresh Milk

Creamy, smooth and straight from the diner of our dreams, a glass of chilled and pink strawberry fresh milk will serve as the perfect after-work snack! Take a stroll down memory lane by re-inventing kiddie classics!


Hazelnut Chocolate Pie

Taro Pie

Banana Pie

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